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  • All 2018 Audi A8s will be hybrids… technically

    Most cars these days still operate on the 12-volt electrical systems that have been around for decades. But with the need to boost efficiency, Audi is ready to move away from that setup in favor of something a bit more… capable. The 2018 Audi A8 flagship luxury sedan will come standard with a 48-volt mild

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  • Want to photograph rockstars? This $13K camera will let you

    Leica has been making its rangefinder M cameras for 53 years. On Thursday, the company released a new special-edition M Monochrom rangefinder named after late rock ‘n’ roll photographer Jim Marshall. The Leica M 246 Jim Marshall Edition Leica M Monochrom shoots black-and-white photos and comes with a 50mm f1.4 ASPH lens. Both the camera and

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  • Before buying a sound bar, consider the alternatives

    I wasn’t planning on reviewing the NAD C 338 stereo amplifier, but when it showed up at the CNET office I couldn’t resist trying it out. As I listened to music and movies, the combo of this little amp paired with a decent pair of speakers sounded better than most sound bars! I liked the

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  • NASA spots a curious, deep pit on Mars

    It looks like something you wouldn’t want to fall into. NASA’s Mar Reconnaissance Orbiter peered down and caught sight of an unusual-looking pit formation in the region of the Red Planet’s South Pole. It’s late summer there, the sun is low and NASA notes, “subtle topography is accentuated in orbital images.” More Mars In curious

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  • This Alexa update will make you so happy in the kitchen

    The Amazon Echo got an update Thursday that will warm the heart of still-novice home cooks like me: you can now name and set multiple timers. Doesn’t seem like a big deal? When Alexa starts insistently beeping, you’ll now know if it’s for the roast chicken in the oven, the pasta water for the kids’

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  • Uber knew it was shortchanging drivers since 2015.

    Just over a week after Uber confessed to underpaying its drivers due to what the ride-sharing service described as an accounting error, the company is facing fresh questions about how long it actually knew about the issue. Uber claims to have only discovered the issue a few weeks ago, but a report from the New York Times Thursday

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  • How iOS 11 could change the iPhone

    The iPhone improves every year in two ways: through a big hardware launch every September. Everyone knows that new iPhones come every September. But three months earlier, Apple’s annual WWDC developers conference gives an early preview of changes that’s arguably just as important to iPhone owners: a peek at the next version of iOS. On

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