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  • London to Venice on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express

    Over 20 years ago, when Britain became linked to the rest of the European rail network, the prospect of London to Venice on the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express became a reality with a through rail journey. This is a step back into the nostalgic past of the 1930’s experiencing the opulence of Rene Lalique glass carvings, marquetry

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  • Good news for tram spotters – they are back on track in the UK

    There was a time trams were a familiar sight on Britain’s streets. From Dover and Brighton to London, Birmingham, and many northern cities including north of the border, such as Edinburgh, these “iron horses” clanked along offering a rather uncomfortable means of getting around. One by one the tram routes disappeared. Some in the 1930’s and London’s

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  • Travel guide: Morzine in the summer

    Morzine countryside © Robbie Davies Morzine is well-known as the central access point for the vast Portes du Soleil ski area, but outside of the ski season the town regains its summer charm, tourist numbers decrease and the surrounding countryside opens up as a massive alpine adventure playground. The slopes become green pastures where cows, sheep

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  • Iceland Ring Road – Iceland’s road to natural phenomena

    They should call it something descriptive like the “Iceland’s road to natural phenomena” but according to the sat nav it’s referred to simply as One. Tourists though may know this humble yet well-maintained two-lane road as the Iceland Ring Road. Yet you would have to burn some serious rubber to get all the way around the 832

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  • 9 hotel rooms around the world with amazing views

    1Oliver’s Travels, Tamarind House, St Lucia   Oliver’s Travels, Tamarind House, St Lucia   Made from local stone with high greenheart ceilings, and Barbados tiled floors, this exceptionally large Caribbean house offers the rare luxury of space, privacy and sensational views of the Pitons. The 640sqft master bedroom is furnished with a beautiful antique king

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  • Five places you can experience Summer Solstice in the Austrian Alps

    This year, on Saturday June 18th thousands of bonfires across the peaks of SalzburgerLand and Tirol will set the mountains aglow to feed the sun and welcome the summer.  Most villages have their own particular customs dating back in some cases to the Middle Ages.  Below are five of the most interesting to visit. Summer

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  • What to see and do on Prince Edward Island, Canada

    Peaks Wharf, Charlottetown (c) Rupert Parker Prince Edward Island (PEI) lies off the East coast of New Brunswick and was only accessible by boat or plane until the eight-mile Confederation Bridge was completed in 1997. It’s no accident that author Lucy Maud Montgomery made the island the setting for her famous 1908 children’s book, Anne

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